Awards 2011



For Primary level:
1) Sean Ling

For Secondary level:
1) Brian Thien

Bursary Awards

Name Subjects Awards
Sean Ling (English) 85 marks $50
Sean Ling (Science) 75 marks $20
James Pang (English) PSLE (B) $15
Lee Yi (English) PSLE (B) $15
Emmanuel Ang (English) A2 $50
Lim Heng Yi (English) B3 $30
Lee Zhu (English) B4 $30
Brian Thien (English) B3 $30
Shanice Sim (English) B3 $30


Primary School Awards

Name Type of Awards Awards
Sean Ling Eagle Award $10
James Pang Eagle Award $10
Lim Jin An Eagle Award $10
Kok Hui Ying Dolphin Award $10
Lee Yi Dolphin Award $10
Loa Chun Wei Cheetah Award $10


Secondary School Awards

Name Type of Awards Awards
Lee Zhu Eagle Award $10
Brian Thien Eagle Award $10
Lim Heng Yi Eagle Award $10
Kimm Geow Eagle Award $10
Kok Zi Ming Dolphin Award $10
Edwin Ng Dolphin Award $10
Lee Liang Le Dolphin Award $10
Lee Liang Da Dolphin Award $10
Annabelle Yik Dolphin Award $10
Loa Chun Keat Dolphin Award $10
Emmanuel Ang Cheetah Award $10
Shanice Sim Cheetah Award $10
Kok Ying Ying Cheetah Award $10
Goh Pintat Cheetah Award $10