“Don’t tell people how to do things, tell him/her what to do and let them surprise you with their results.”
” Leader is action, not position and it depends on situation to turn into great relations.”
“Probably my best quality as a tutor is to ask a lot of creative and challenging questions and let the students to
come with great answers.” (Mr. Raymond Ralph Shong).

Blog of the Month in Mar 2017:

Stay tune and get ready for: Ray A-Z factor, Life Motivator. Coming soon…..

Let’s start with the Alphabet A:

ATTITUDE, not Aptitude, determines Altitude as well as Multitude of things .

Life is not a bed of roses as you go through it, stiffening yourself to withstand life’s Vicissitudes. Be strong having a good Attitude in Life is positive thinking.

In order to make your life better and be positive:

So You need to take,

Action speaks louder than words. Don’t sit and wait for it to happen in your life.

Then Access to all your positive thoughts and strengths.

How to Assure for an Ace in your career, study and life? You must be Active, be Able & be Alert. Make it a reality. Create your own Future. Give yourself Hope.

I believe this is what we need students to do..

To score As for Exams, you must have the Fs effects :

In order to score A*, A, A2 or A1, you must start learning with a Fs effects first.

  1. Learn to FAIL and make mistake in tuition classes.
  2. Learn the subject and inject FUN.
  3. Learn to show FAMISH to ask for more knowledge.
  4. Learn to be FEARLESS to take any assignments, homeworks or tests in tuition classes.
  5. Learn to FOCUS during lessons at all times.
  6. Learn to be FIRM in your inquiry base techniques.
  7. Learning in tuition class is FILL and FULL of FANTASTIC and FABULOUS ideas and methodologies.

By Freakamania Raymond Ralph Shong

English topics for discussion  

  1. War
  2. Pollution 
  3. Family 
  4. Sport
  5. Business
  6. CCA
  7. Transportation 
  8. Music
  9. Technology
  10. Martial Arts
  11. Diseases 
  12. Books
  13. Education 
  14. Computers
  15. Social media 
  16. Social Enterprise 
  17. Social problems 
  18. Social issues
  19. Social responsibility 
  20. Ageing 
  21. Sex
  22. Animals 
  23. Environment 
  24. Oceans and seas
  25. River.
  26. Mountains
  27. 7 wonders of the world 
  28. Leaders
  29. Money
  30. Solar system and the universe
  31. Movie
  32. Gaming
  33. Addiction
  34. Weather 
  35. School 
  36. Parenting
  37. Teenagers and adolescence 
  38. Children 
  39. Senior citizens 
  40. Death
  41. Birth
  42. Religions
  43. Races
  44. Multi cultures 
  45. Conflicts 
  46. Health 
  47. Government 
  48. Infrastructure 
  49. Behaviour 
  50. Love
  51. 7 deadly sins
  52. Special needs 
  53. Stress and depression 
  54. Success
  55. Smart versus hard work
  56. Generations gaps
  57. Kinship,relationships and friendships 
  58. Partners 
  59. Poverty vs Progressives 
  60. Science 
  61. Occupations
  62. Grandparents 
  63. Mistakes 
  64. Courage
  65. Motivation 
  66. Setbacks
  67. Careers
  68. Kindness
  69. Exercises
  70. Healthy lifestyle 
  71. 5 senses
  72. Entertainment 
  73. Food
  74. Innovation, invention and initiatives 
  75. Medicine and cure
  76. Crimes 
  77. Security and terrorism 
  78. Beauty
  79. Food
  80. MRT
  81. Neighbours
  82. Places of interests
  83. Natural disasters
  84. Phenomenon
  85. Examination 
  86. Test of time
  87. Stress is it good or bad
  88. Movie that you can learn in real life 
  89. A person or leader you respect or admire
  90. An event or situation that change your life
  91. Textbook Venus E-Book which  is better for learning.