“Don’t tell people how to do things, tell him/her what to do and let them surprise you with their results.”
” Leader is action, not position and it depends on situation to turn into great relations.”
“Probably my best quality as a tutor is to ask a lot of creative and challenging questions and let the students to
come with great answers.” (Mr. Raymond Ralph Shong).

Blog of the Month in Mar 2017:

Stay tune and get ready for: Ray A-Z factor, Life Motivator. Coming soon…..

Let’s start with the Alphabet A:

ATTITUDE, not Aptitude, determines Altitude as well as Multitude of things .

Life is not a bed of roses as you go through it, stiffening yourself to withstand life’s Vicissitudes. Be strong having a good Attitude in Life is positive thinking.

In order to make your life better and be positive:

So You need to take,

Action speaks louder than words. Don’t sit and wait for it to happen in your life.

Then Access to all your positive thoughts and strengths.

How to Assure for an Ace in your career, study and life? You must be Active, be Able & be Alert. Make it a reality. Create your own Future. Give yourself Hope.

I believe this is what we need students to do..