Criteria for a Good Tutor


  1. A teacher/tutor must have a good Charisma to set a good example to the students.
  2. A teacher/tutor must be able to Communicate well and teach with great details to the students.
  3. A teacher/tutor must be Creative in order to ensure the lessons are interesting and fun.
  4. A teacher/tutor must have the ability to Convince the students to study hard, study smart and do well for the society.
  5. A teacher/tutor must show Confidence when teaching and sharing the knowledge with the students.
  6. A teacher/tutor must provide Continuity of effort to ensure excellent results for students to be successful in study and in life too.
  7. A teacher/tutor must show Care to students to help them to reduce their study stress and motivate them always.
  8. A teacher/tutor must stay Calm when faces with difficult students and to understand their needs.
  9. A teacher/tutor must be able to Contribute his/her time diligently and wisely to ensure students stay focus during lessons.
  10. A teacher/tutor must be able to Concentrate and focus all his/her effort to teach the students.

Yours Sincerely,
Uncle Raymond Ralph Shong
Tutor cum Motivator

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