Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s your ArkCrest tuition policy?

  1. What subject(s) do you teach?

    Ans: Social Studies. History. English (Primary 4 to Secondary 5). As well as Creative Writing for Primary 5 to Secondary 2.

  2. How much is primary and secondary level?

    Ans: Please refer to the Tuition Fees charges at the this website ( The fee range from $160 to $280 per subject. Please Whatsapp, sms or call me to check the tuition fee, thanks.

  3. How long is the duration per lesson?

    Ans: Each lesson is 1.5 hrs. 4 lessons per month. Please make payment on the first lesson for every month.

  4. How long have you been giving tuition to your students?

    Ans: I have been giving tuition since 1988 (please click and check my profile).

  5. What are their grades so far?

    Ans: Most of the students for Primary level: D and C grad: improved to B and A*.

    For secondary Sec 1 to Sec 5. From F9, E8 and D7 : improved to C6 to A1.

  6. Any feedback or testimonial to prove your credential?

    Ans: Yes please refer to all the feedback forms written and commented by the students and their parents. As well as click on the GCE Students results as well as PSLE too.

  7. What is your experiences and qualifications?

    Ans: I have been teaching since 1988 (till date as of 1st Jan 2017) I have 29 years of teaching and tutoring experiences. I passed my O and A level. I have a degree in Business Information Technology (2nd Upper Honours). I also have a Post Graduate Diploma in Education Policy, Practice and Innovation. Please see my Profile. I also wrote 2 books. I have taught more than coming 200 students all these years. I have taught in a MOE secondary school (2009 to 2016) for 7 years in Social Studies and History. I was a discipline teacher cum counseling students as well in the secondary school for 6 years.

  8. What are the benefits and good reasons to join your tuition classes?

    Ans: Well, the benefits is it will be a small class, with close attention and close supervision to make sure your child learn in an enthusiastic, enticing and exciting manner.
    The good reasons will be your child will learn in a Fun, Fill will interesting things, Fantastic and Fabulous manner.

  9. How do you conduct your tuition class?

    Ans:  Usually in a tuition centre in Ang Mo Kio RC, Bishan tuition centre or at my home (Khatib). It all depends on where my students are located at and where they want my service and tuition.

  10. I do not only want my child/children to score well in academic but I also want my child/children to have a good character development. Will you be able to help my child/children to achieve both holistically in academic and character as well?

    Ans: Yes, over these years of teaching I have help several students (some students who are autistic, OCD, ADHD and special needs too) and also some with challenging behaviours and family background. In fact, most of my students have indeed benefited from my teaching. Looking at the feedback forms , you will be able to tell and analyze from my teaching. Nothing is impossible for uncle Raymond to handle.

  11. My child will not like to engage and focus in study. How can your tuition help my child to study and have passion in learning?

    Ans: I strongly believe we need to inject love, patient and most important to study the pattern of how the student learns. Different students have different styles of learning. I will use my own experiences and skills to develop all my students to have passion in learning.

  12. Do you have any lesson plan or what is your teaching criteria or pedagogy?

    Ans: Definitely, over these year I have created, constructed and crafted a very detailed lessons plan for all levels that I am teaching. The lessons plan has been scrutinized and tested since 2008. My teaching criteria is very simple to allow my students to be inquisitive and creative. I have about more than 50 over different pedagogy and methods to help my students to learn in a creative, mind mapping and discipline ways.