The was designed and founded by Mr Raymond Ralph Shong on 18 Oct 2003. During these 30 over years, he is engaged in his pedagogy of tutoring and teaching his students in both primary and seondary levels. Raymond was a full time tutor for 6 years (from Sep 2002 to Dec 2008). Prior to his tutoring career, he has worked in the IT arena for more than 17 years both in MNC and SME companies in Singapore. Apparently, Raymond has embarked his skill in various companies: banking sector, education sector, retail, manufacturing and customer service industries. Raymond was a teacher (Allied Educator) in a secondary school teaching Humanities subjects (Feb 2009 to Feb 2016).

Raymond’s passion in teaching started since 1988 during his college years. More than three decades, he has taught more than 1000 over students (primary and secondary) and the number is increasing. Students have come from his old neighbourhood estates from Toa Payoh and Tampines. Students also come from all walks of life. As of now, he is conducting his classes in his residential place in Khatib Yishun Ring Road (Near to Khatib MRT. 2 mins walk). He has also done online English training via Internet (Video and Voice) as well. Raymond is also conducting his tuition in a few RC and CC tuition centres as well.

Raymond has also taught in a private school before, he has taught students in Diploma and Higher Diploma in Computer Studies and Project Management. His pedagogy ranges from young children to adults. Training programmes such as using Microsoft products and other software were conducted in a classroom environment in a corporate world. Apparently, he has also taught primary students to learn how to use the Microsoft products and how to design website (using Dreamweaver tools) too. He has compiled and written many books like Microsoft Windows 3.11, 95 & 98, Microsoft Office 97, Outlook 2000.

Raymond’s first book was published in 1994, the title of the storybook “The Unbelievable Eerie Ghost Stories” the respond was well-received by the students. Recently, Raymond has compiled yet another book and it took him ten years to make this book available to all. The title of this book is “The Guide Book to Better English” it was published in 2004. Many of his students have benefitted from this book and their English grades have improved tremendously. In fact, Raymond is always looking for new ideas and inspiration to write and compile books for students of all ages. The two books that are in the pipeline will be the “The Guide Book to Better Creative Writing Skills” and the second edition of the book “The Guide Book to Better English” has been completed and published and now is on sales. Whatsapp for more details: 98515718. 

Teaching is a great passion and desire for Raymond. Furthermore, he enjoys to see wonderful improvement in his students’ academic and personal performance (Leadership Quality) results. Raymond likes to motivate, inspire and help his students to accelerate to the next highest level of success and discipline. Raymond at times will also counsel and lend a listening ear to his students’ problems or inertia.It can be study related, parents-children relationship, peer-to-peer relationship or other issues. Raymond believes all students have the potential to excel in many creative and motivating manners. We just need that patience, care and support at all times if possible. The understanding and love to encourage, show enthusiasm and entice students to do well and be a good citizen is also equally important.


Raymond’s mottos are to teach the students to be:
“Training Your Child to be a Leader of Tomorrow”
“To Motivate & be the Best”
Soar like an Eagle””

Yours sincerely,
Uncle Raymond Ralph Shong
Educator, Motivator, Mentor and Tutor, Trainer and Teacher (EM2T3)

Raymond always adapts the 6C concept when he teaches, trains and motivates all his students:

He believes in:

Students must be CALM when they think and study.

Students must be able to CONNECT ideas and resources into good train of thoughts.

Students must CONCENTRATE to give their best effort in whatever they do for their future endeavours.

Students must have the CONFIDENCE when doing their works.

Students must CONVINCE themselves and to motivate themselves to be a SUCCESSFUL person in the future.

Students must have the right attitude to develop a CREATIVE mindset to expand their potential talents and skills.

Raymond is constantly looking for new ideas, creative and innovative ways to train, teach and motivate his students. Examinations and tests are part and parcel for UNCLE RAYMOND’s Tuition. Needless to say, all works and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so Uncle Raymond does play and enjoy sports and games with his students. Uncle Raymond treats his students just like his own children.

Status: Married with 3 children

Age: Born in May 1969

Qualification & Experience:
1)Post-Graduate Diploma in Education in Policy, Practice and Innovation.
2)BSc(Hons) in Business Information Technology. (2nd Upper Class (Hons) Degree).
3) Specialist Diploma in Teaching & Learning. NIE Certificate for Allied Educator. (MOE).
4)Professional Diploma in Information Technology.
Teaching experience (Tutoring): 30 years and still going on…… (since 1988)

Teaching Subjects:

1. English (Pri 3 to Sec 5).

2. Science (Pri 3 to Pri 6).

3. History (Sec 1 to Sec 5).

4. English Literature (Sec 1 to Sec 2).

5. Creative Writing Skill (Pri 5 – 6) & (Sec 1 – 2).

6. Social Studies (Sec 3 to Sec 5).

7. Geography (Sec 1 to Sec 2).

8. Basic Computer training (Children and Adults).

9. IT & Project Management (Diploma & Higher Diploma).

10. Motivational Seminars or Discussions.

11. Cyber Wellness Forum.





1. To help students to achieve better grades in their studies.

2. To help and motivate students to do well in their future career endeavours and to be the leader of tomorrow.