Students’ Testimonial

Testimonial for tuition

Mr Raymond has a unique approach to his lessons where he not only teaches you content but also the application of content in a fun and thought provoking way that raised my personal interest in both English and Social Studies. Mr Raymond’s interesting, insightful and innovative classes identify and improvise your knowledge and proficiency in the particular subject. Apart from academia, I have also learnt skills such as communication skills, critical thinking skills,etc, to develop me holistically. Most of these skills are very useful for personal development and distinguish yourself. It has been a meaningful and memorable learning experience.


Varun Swaminathan (Yishun Town Secondary School)
A1 for both Social Studies & English. ‘O’ level (2015).

I think that uncle’s Raymond tuition has really benefitted me in both academics and life values. I like the way how he conducts his tuition session and I enjoyed every single session, he’s someone that uses real life examples as part of tutoring you and would also make sure that you learn something productive in every single session. Overall,  it was an excellent choice of getting him to tutor me because my grades has improved magnificently under his guidance and my moral values have also been enhanced due to him. ??

Chow Wenjie (Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School)
C5 English. B3 Combined Humanities. ‘O’ level (2015).

Uncle Raymond tuition is fun and always fruitful! He always engages the class well and his jokes make the lesson more lively! I’m thankful I got to join his tuition because my English and Humanities improved significantly. He has also taught me many life lessons and that I have became a better person under his teaching!

Jakelyn Yong Jie Lin (Peirce Secondary School)
B4 English. A2 Combined Humanities. ‘O’ level (2016).

Uncle raymond is a unique and innovative tuition teacher. I have been under uncle raymond’s care since I was primary 4. During the period, uncle raymond has taught me abundance about english, social studies and history. After joining uncle raymond’s tuition my grades have definitely improved drastically. Uncle raymond inject humour into his lessons in order to better help his students remember the contents of the subjects, history, social studies and english. Uncle raymond’s one of a kind teaching methods has ensured me a score of 10 points for my L1R4 in my O levels. I am definitely grateful for the opportunity I was given to attend his lessons ?.

Lim Jin An (Peirce Secondary School)
B3 English. A2 Combined Humanities. ‘O’ level (2016). From Pri 4 to Sec 4 (2010 – 2016).