Survey and Feedback 2017

Survey and Feedback Form (revised on Feb 2017)


Name of Student:________________________________     Pri/Sec:__________  Date:___________


Date joined:________________                            School:____________________________________


The purpose of this survey form is to allow students as well as the parents to evaluate the tutor’s professionalism and performance. This survey is to ensure the student’s genuine, truthful, sincere and honest feedback about the tutor is reflected throughout the whole learning process.


Apparently, the parents will know what their child has learnt from the past few months with the tutor. Eventually, the tutor will be able to further enhance and improve his teaching and motivational skills. His motto is: “TRAINING YOUR CHILD TO BE A LEADER OF TOMORROW”.


Scoring rate:

1    –    Poor and uninteresting (below 40%).

2    –    Needs further improvement (50%).

3    –    Satisfactory and understand the lesson (60% to 70%).

4    –     Good, Tutor manages to explain, describe, give examples. The lesson is interesting(80%).

5    –     Excellent. Always looking forward to the lesson, a motivator to the student, encourage

student to take responsibility, initially and most important of all able to make lesson vividly and

awesomely. (90% – 98%).


To be completed by student:

1.  The tutor can prepare the lesson                                           1    2     3    4     5


2.  The tutor is good in handling problems                              1   2     3    4     5


3.  The tutor can explain to me very clearly and deeply         1    2     3    4     5


4.  He is able to make the lesson more interesting                 1    2     3    4     5


5.  He is a motivator to me as to encourage me to study well and hard         1    2     3    4     5


6.  Ability to handle questions raised by students (General Knowledge)      1    2     3    4     5


7.  Tutor is kind, gentle and willing to listen and to help & resolve my problems   1   2     3    4     5


8.  He is not just a tutor but an uncle who cares and shares with me when I need help  1   2     3    4     5


9.  Effective use of examples and meanings when I need most in my work   1   2     3    4     5


10. Overall rating for Uncle Raymond Performance as a tutor                       1    2     3    4     5


11. Will you recommend this tuition to anyone                                                 1    2     3    4     5



Student’s Comments: ______________________________________________________________





A Big Thank You.

Yours truly,
Uncle Raymond Ralph Shong
Educator, Motivator, Mentor & Teacher, Trainer & Tutor (EM2T3)

Parents’ Feedback

Dear Parents,

Please write neatly if possible as this feedback form will be scanned and pasted it on the noticeboard or in the website. Thanks a million.


Name of Parents (Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms/Mdm):_____________________________________________


Contact (HP/Email):_____________________________________________________________


Name of son/daughter:__________________________________________ (Pri/Sec):___________


School:_________________________________________ Date Joined:______________________


Number of Days/Months/Years with Uncle Raymond:_____________________________
1)   What do you think about this tuition? Is it value for money and how do you grade the teaching skill?

Rating From 1 to 5:  1 – worst.     2. Fair.    3 – Good.    4 – V.Good.     5 – Excellent.


Please kindly put your Rating for this tuition: 1,  2,  3,  4,  5


2)   How does this tuition help in your child or your children to develop him/her in a holistic manner in study and the ethos of discipline?



3)   What so special and good about this tutor?(Uncle Raymond)




Thank you for your time and feedback. We look forward to see your child(ren) to improve and be a good leader.


Yours sincerely,
Mr. Raymond Ralph Shong
Educator, Motivator, Mentor & Teacher, Trainer & Tutor (EM2T3)