The Awards: Best Academics , Good Characters and Leadership Skills.

For year 2019

Primary Level:
1. Kayden Leong.
2. Lewis Tan.
3. Marcus Ho.
4. Iian Tan.
5. Ng Kok Ren.
6. Rachel Phua Zhi Xin.
7. Lee Hui En.

Secondary Level:
1. Nicholas Yap.
2. Ian Chua.
3. Alicia Seet.
4. Lee Hui Wen.
5. Vivian Yeo Song Li.
6. Cheyanne Lim Yi Xuan.
7. Thasneem Firthaus.
8. Thoufeek Firthaus.
9. Jeremy Tay Chen XI.
10. Ian Wong.
11. Chong Cheng Zher.
12. Jason Toh.

Some of these students who have been in uncle Raymond’s tuition for more than 3 years. Some just joined in 2019. Whatever the duration of their learning journey in uncle Raymond’s tuition, all students have obtained and maintained a certain high standard in their study.

Uncle Raymond is definitely proud, honour and privilege to teach all these students. God bless them for the various awards they are going to get from uncle Raymond.

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